A new vehicle is a big investment. It only makes sense to protect that investment! A spray-on Bedliner is your first line of defense against rust and corrosion on your truck bed or vehicle.

When sprayed correctly, a spray-on bed liner has many benefits.


  • Creates an air tight and water tight seal
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant
  • Doesn’t split, warp or crack
  • No wind noise
  • Vibration reduction
  • Reduces cargo movement
  • Can be applied to ANY vehicle with no restrictions!
  • Extremely durable
  • Can last the life of your truck
  • Maintenance Free

Drop-in bed liner inserts create a void between the liner and the truck surface where dirt and moisture will settle and create rust. With a spray-on bed liner application, it adheres directly to the bed surface and creates an air and water tight seal that will prevent rust and deterioration of the truck bed.


  •  Voids create wind noise and vibration
  •  Can split, warp, crack or buckle over time
  • Slick surface can cause cargo movement
  • Most liners are “universal” and don’t fit perfectly which creates movement that wears away paint and can create rust and corrosion on the truck bed
  •  Dirt and moisture accumulation present within the void between the bed liner and the truck bed can induce rust
  • Drilled holes in the truck bed are necessary to install which can result in vulnerability to weather, elements and corrosion


With spray-on bed liners increasing in popularity over the past several years all over the United States and different parts of the world, consumers are finding other applications or “things” to cover and protect with this amazing coating. Below are some of the many applications that are now widely used with polyurea coatings. Interested in starting new or expanding your business with polyurea capabilities? Check out our Vangard Spray Proportioner for more info on one of the industry’s leading polyurea applicator machines


Bed Liners, Flat Beds, Rocker Guards, Running Boards, Hoods, Tubing and Roll Bars, Bumpers, Fenders, Door Jams, Running Boards, Roofs, Van interiors or Complete Vehicle Exteriors, Ladder, Roof and Truck Racking Systems, Recreational and Utility Vehicles, Equipment and Machinery, Utility and Animal Trailers, Motorcycles, RVs and Motor Homes, Boat Hulls, Cargo Holds, Stereo Speaker Boxes and more!


Fences, Gates, Floors and Walls, Patios, Decks and Roofs, Foundations and Retaining Walls, Porches & Walkways, Basements, Bathrooms, Garage Floors, Stairs, Wheelchair Ramps, Ponds, Playground frames (swingsets), Patio Furniture, Dog Runs & Kennels, Work Tables, Docks, Hog and Animal Feeders, Fish, Lobster and Animal Traps, Silos, Pipes, Storage Tanks, Sheds and Equipment, Dump Trucks, Agricultural Equipment and more!

THE APPLICATIONS ARE ENDLESS!  Create a protected, non-slip surface on floors, stairs, ramps and other various structures in specific areas and other work environments.