Our Draft Defender Series of Spray Foam Proportioners from Revolution Machinery have been engineered using the basic fundamentals of simplicity mixed with modern innovation. Dependability, quality and simplicity are among the main attributes that Revolution Machinery, Inc. strives for when developing a new product. All of our spray systems are designed free of today’s standard CPU’s and printed circuit boards to ensure that no complicated, expensive and lengthy breakdown can occur while in operation. All of our proportioners are proudly manufactured in the United States so all replacement parts are readily available. We work very closely with all of our distributors to ensure that in the event one of their customers needs technical assistance or a replacement part, we are capable of immediately shipping it to your location to reduce downtime. Contact your distributor today!


The following specs are for the Draft Defender Series of Plural Component Spray Proportioners.

Air Driven Proportioner: Operates with 220 Single Phase Electric.

Optional Transfer Pumps: Sprayable without Transfer Pumps (20lb/min).

Breaker and Relay Design: No Printed Circuit Boards or CPU Makes a Simple Diagnostic and Repair.

Premium Components: Parker:registered: Air Filters, Pilot Valve, Air Cylinder and Dial Regulator.

Mechanical Stroke Counter: Re-settable Mechanical Stroke Counter Enables Precise Measurement of Chemical Used.

Color Indicated System: Built w/ Color Indicated Hose Ends, Pumps, Connections and Panel Lights to Maintain Easy Separation.

Heated Hoses: Self-Renewing Outer Nylon Sleeving, High Grade EX Thermal Wire, Quick Disconnect Air Hose Ends with Varied Size Hose Connections to Prevent Flow Crossover. Equipped with a 120W Hose Transformer.

Heating System: Single or Double 18” Long Heating Element (7000 or 14000 Watts)

Warranty: All machines come standard with a One Year Limited Manufacturers(Two Year Optional Warranty Available. Ask your Distributor for Details).

You can download a PDF of our Draft Defender one sheets in our info section under Marketing Materials.

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