Revolution Machinery drum pumps are specifically designed for use with difficult to handle materials. The immersed lower pump, tie tubes, and sealing bung bushing allow for quick drum change without exposing the spray system to any cross contamination and/or moisture.

• Fully air operated

• Two ball piston design provides uniform positive displacement

• Durable pump with long life packing

• Specially designed piston seals that do not come into contact with the material that is being pumped.

• Handles highly problematic fluids like Isocyanates which crystallizes on piston rods upon contact with moisture in air and rupture seals.


  •  Solvent based paints
  • Water based paints (SST models)
  • Solvents
  • Cleaning chemical supply
  • Chemicals • Catalysts
  •  Isocyanates
  • Adhesives
  • Resins
  • Polyurethanes
  • Polyureas


  • Fluid Ratio: 2:1
  • Max Output Flow Int :3.75 gpm (11.7 lpm)
  • Max Output Flow Cont :2.5 gpm (9.5 lpm)
  • Max Output Pressure :360 psi (24.8 bar)
  • Max Air Input Pressure :180 psi (12.4 bar)
  • Air Inlet Port :1/4 npt(f)
  • Fluid Outlet Port :3/4 npt(f)
  • Rod Piston Packings :Teflon:registered:
  • Other Seals :Viton:registered:
  • Rod Cylinder :Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Other Wetted Parts :Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Weight :17 lbs. (7.7 Kg.)
  • Weight Stubby Drum :NA
  • Package : 4″x4″x54″ (102mm x 102mm x 137cm) 19 lbs. (8.6 Kg.)

*** One-Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty


  • Foam chemical supply
  • Spray gun supply
  • Dispensing valve supply
  • Cleaning chemical supply
  • Fluid transfer


Fluid Temperature and Transfer Pump Pressure Reading Gauges for Plural Component Spray Systems A plural component spray system relies on having accurate temperature and pressure readings to ensure your spray patterns remain constant and so that the output maintains the best yield of the material. With installation of Temprex blocks from Revolution Machinery to your plural component spray system setup, will enable more precise monitoring of accurate fluid temperatures and transfer pump pressure readings.


Color Indicated System: Color indicated to maintain easy separation and reveal true readings for side A and side B

Plural or Singular Component Material Capabilities: Spray foam insulation, polyureas (spray-on bed liner material)

light and heavy glues, light and heavy two-part epoxies, oils and various chemicals.

Block components: Each Temprex Block is equipped with a 3/4” NPT(f) inlet and a 3/4” NPT(f) outlet for

Gauges: Each Temprex Block is equipped with a 0-250°F temperature gauge and a 0-1000 psi fluid pressure gauge.

Installation: Each Temprex block contains four (4) 0.25” mounting holes located in each corner for easy and secure installation.

Dimensions: Each Temprex Block is 6.5” x 3” x 2” without gauges and 6.5” x 3” x 5” with gauges


Heat Risers are temperature controlled material drum heaters. Along with their rugged steel components, we’ve also made them more efficient by raising the heating plates. From the moment you power it on, Heat Risers start to heat your material, not the rim of the barrel. This results in a faster, more economical way to heat your drum materials. Small in size, they offer great portability that is suitable for a multitude of trailer setups if applicable. Heat Risers:tm: are also energy efficient and operate on only 115 volts and draw only three to four amps. With low energy requirements, you can easily run multiple units off of a single 120V 20amp wall receptacle.

The Heat Riser’s chassis is constructed of 10 gauge steel and power coated in red or blue to differentiate between side A & B for plural component industries (if applicable). The raised heating plate is constructed of heavy duty 12 gauge steel. Heat Riser’s innovative design will save you time and money! We’ve taken the basic ideology of drum heaters and simply made them better. With traditional heaters, drums are placed (rim first) on the surface, or a heating band is wrapped around them and they are turned on with the limited option of low, medium or high temperature settings. Heat Risers are equipped with a digital temperature controller that allows you to set your own target temperatures up to 350°F. This is an important factor as many different types of materials require to be heated at different temperatures. With traditional drum heaters only having the heating plates come in contact with the rim of the barrel, the material is heated only after the drum starts to heat up. With direct contact and controlled temperatures on Heat Risers, you’ll get a faster, more economical, even heat which results in no burnt material. WHY HEAT RISERS? Compared to industry standard drum heaters, Heat Risers are equipped with innovative additions that will make them your ideal choice when it’s time for you to choose a new material drum heater. Used in multiple industries for a seemingly endless variety of materials, drum heaters are a necessity when certain liquid materials need their temperatures raised to work effectively.

Heat Risers bypass the whole “actual drum heating before the material” process with a convection heating process and makes heating your drums much more efficient. With Heat Riser’s raised heating plates, they allow the bottom of your drum surface to be set down precisely on top of the plates for direct contact instead of on the rim. This allows heating of your material to commence immediately after the unit is powered on which results in your material being heated faster, more efficiently and most importantly, evenly. This process will also greatly reduce the amount of burnt material that can occur.